feat. Paul Farahvar

October 18-19 @ 8pm

J.F. Harris

former home to Joke Joint Comedy Club


J.F. Harris is a stand-up comic and writer from NYV, now residing in sunny Los Angeles. He has written for big stars like Will Smith, and has been seen on TruTV and Adult Swim. J.F. headlines clubs across the US and Canada, touring theaters and arenas regularly, with his good friends The Impractical Jokers, Joel McHale and Whitney Cummings. He has taken part in The Kennedy Centers District of Comedy Festival, The NY Comedy Festival, JFL Calgary & Winnipeg, Wild Wild West Comedy Fest and Gildas Laugh Fest. J.F. hosts a monthly charity show at The Comedy Store called Stand For Something where 100% of the proceeds fo to local LA charities. 


For several years, Farahvar has been delighting audiences with his self-deprecating humor that centers on being a single in the dating scene. After being a regular performer at Laugh Factory in Chicago, Farahvar received a rare opportunity to host his own show Singes Only. Farahvar is an unforgettable comedic force. He burst onto the comedy scene five years ago when he began training at The Second City and iO, quickly landing stand-up spots at local Chicago comedy clubs such as Zanies Comedy Club, Comedy Bar, Laugh Factory and UP Comedy Club as well as the Laugh Factory in Las Vegas, Scottsdale, and Hollywood.


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