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Improv 101 is designed for the beginner looking to expand creativity by learning to:

  • Think on one’s feet

  • Boost one’s ability to think in the moment

  • Learn to say yes to one’s ideas and the ideas of others

  • Find comedy in truth

  • Creatively express oneself verbally and physically


Whether you are looking to embark on a journey of improvisational comedy or just want a class that will give you skills to use with regards to communication, idea generation, presentations skills, and interpersonal relationships, then Improv 101 is for you.


Our classes promote risk-taking in a safe environment so you discover your true creative nature. You don’t have to be outgoing to take this class because it is designed for everyone to find their most creative self.




February 21 - April 11
Tuesdays, 6:30 - 8:30 pm, Runs for 8 weeks

Cost: $175.00                    

Where: The Cabaret at Camp Bar
490 N Robert St, St. Paul

Instructor: Darwin Smith

Questions? E-mail John directly at

Register HERE


“Coming into this class with a background in interactive comedy made me wonder, since it was a beginning level improv class, if I would gain anything from it. The way John structured the class was almost customized to each of our experiences and he very much emphasized the ensemble learning mode of group trust and support. I was able to hone some skills and fine tune others, and being an actor who also works with limited funds John offered a 20% arts discount on the class. I very much appreciated that and look forward to taking more classes at The Creative Institute.”


“I am a shy person and so one of my goals taking this class was to open up more. Also being a single mom limits my funds and John understood both of these concerns. He discounted my class fee and that helped me be able to take the class. I gained so much from having interaction with others to build my confidence for both personal and professional success.”


“I won the class at a silent auction for another theater company in the Twin Cities. At first I thought how great it was that one theater company would donate a class to another theater to use as a silent auction item for their fundraiser event. This class was great, as I am a stage actor, I needed to get some improv skills and be able to be more present. The class really helped me discover those skills.”


“I stay at home and care for my grandchildren and so I have needed to get out and do something fun just for me. I have always been the type of person that isn’t always the most outgoing. I emailed John about the class and assured me it would be helpful and I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. He was right. I gained skills in the class that helped me to have confidence in social settings and found myself using those skills on a regular basis.”

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