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​​Feeling creatively stuck? This physical performance playground is an on your feet class designed to help you create new possibilities from a physical, intuitive place. Students will leave with techniques for easy writing of texts and the creation of new movement. Free your creative spirit and expand creative possibilities in body, voice and content. 

Not sure what you want to explore yet, or have an interest in various forms? This class is designed to free up your creative self - through exercises and group compositions. The class is open for all - musicians, improvisers, actors, dancers, non-performers - or anyone wishing to explore their creativity.

We'll work the basics of creating live time performance - tuning to the space, body, movement, and text. We'll take "good" out of the equation and focus on the space/time and freeing up our impulses while creating new content. While we will be performing in class as a part of the learning environment, there will be no public performance.

Questions? E-mail our Creative Institute Director at

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